Week 5


We are now ready to send out another prototype! It is now possible to build several levels with stairs pillars and flooring. You also need to plant your potatoes in order for them to grow. In addition to this, there are a lot of new textures in the game, some new UI elements and some small fixes.

To download the prototype click HERE!

We would be very happy if you would help us by giving us feedback in the form found HERE!

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We have also discussed ways to give the player more to do on the raft. We have decided to try adding a shark. The shark will occasionally attack your raft and destroy parts of it. If you’re quick enough you can attack the shark in order to make it stop for the moment. You can also reinforce your raft, but it is quite expensive, so you need to prioritize which parts you want to reinforce.  You’ll probably want to reinforce the parts that supports your upper levels or holds a campfire for example. This is a mechanic we hope will give the player more purpose and reason to expand and gather resources. The shark will not be attacking in this build as the feature is not yet finished.

Hope you enjoy the prototype!Building Week 5.pngCroplot.PNGSpear.PNG


Week 4


First of all, a big thanks to everyone who tried our prototype and gave us feedback! There were several bugs we we’re unaware of and we got a lot of good feedback on what you enjoyed and didn’t like so much! So again, big thanks!

This week we started by discussing what we should focus on next. Based on the feedback our testers mostly enjoyed expanding the raft, so we decided to give you some more building possibilities. First of all we needed a system for the player to choose what to build. We decided to go for the same type of pie menu as Rust uses, as we think that is one of the best ones we’ve tried. Functionality to build stairs, pillars and another level of flooring. At the moment they are still placeholder meshes though. Other than that we’ve done some bugfixes, unwrapped a bunch of meshes, textured some stuff and made some more UI icons.

Until next week!


Week 3

Hi! Week three is over and we have gotten quite a lot of things done! We actually have a new prototype for you all to try out!

If you want to try the prototype click HERE!

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Some of the features implemented are:

  • Fishing
  • Cooking fish
  • Purifying water
  • Basic Hunger and Thirst system
  • More things to craft!

A lot of new graphics has also been implemented, for example:

  • Cooking station
  • Purifier
  • New animations
  • Hammer
  • Fishing rod
  • New item icons
  • A fish!

Have a good weekend!

Until next time!Prototype_v2.PNG

Week 2



Week two of production is done! Progress has been made! The Following features have been implemented:

  • An inventory and hot bar system with drag and drop functionality!
  • A crafting menu with two recepies available for crafting, a campfire and your trusty hook!

Along with these features comes a couple of graphical assets such as:

  • Potatoes!
  • Crop Pot
  • Campfire
  • First Draft of the UI

Our main goal right now is for the player to have a goal, for example to craft a campfire in order to purify saltwater to quench their thirst. So next week we will be focusing on completing this loop.


First testable prototype!

Hi! It’s now Monday and we have our first prototype for you all to try out. It is an extremely early prototype which only function is to give you an idea of what the game could be.

About the game

Raft (working title) is a survival game where the player is stuck on a raft in the middle of the ocean. To survive, the player must gather debris from the ocean, which they can use to craft items such as fishing equipment, shelter, growing pots and much more. The raft can be expanded both horizontally and vertically to create a more comfortable home out on the sea.

The features implemented in this prototype include gathering resources using your trustworthy hook, expanding your raft and harvesting plants (in the form of cubes).

To download the prototype, click HERE!

We would also be very thankful if you would tell us what you think about the game and it’s future potential. To go to our google form click HERE!

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Here is an ingame picture aswell!


First week of production


We are a group of three people who have just started development on a survival game where the player is stranded on a raft in the middle of the ocean. The player has survived a shipwreck and needs to gather supplies that is floating around in the ocean. The long term goal for the player is to expand the raft and craft items that will help them survive. Exactly how this is done is still not decided and we want a community of testers to help us with developing this game!

This week we have been working on a MVP which includes implementation of a raft which the player can expand by adding tiles, and a hook system the player uses to catch drifting pieces of wood which are used to expand the raft.

This Monday we plan to send out a prototype that anyone can test and give feedback on. It will be VERY simple, but hopefully it will give an idea on what the game could be.

We will update this blog every week to tell you who what we are doing.

Until next week!