Blog #18

Hello there survivors!

We hope summer’s treating you well! Summer here in Skövde, Sweden is not quite as sunny as one would have hoped, but that’s okay! As you might know, we post here on the blog with two weeks intervals. That’s to give you an insight into what’s going on here at the Raft Headquarters and to get your feedback on how the development is progressing. We try to make each blog post as interesting as possible and of course we always try to show you as much juicy new content as possible. Unfortunately, due to varying reasons we don’t always have things to show. We’re still a very small team and while we do work very hard to get as many things done as possible we have limitations. But we still want to keep in touch with you all, which is why we don’t just say ”screw the blog”. We hope you understand. The reason we mention this is because since the last blog we have been hard at work with things we are not quite ready to show you, but it’s getting there. It won’t be long until we can show you some really cool stuff that we’re super excited about! And if you’re already someone who enjoys Raft we’re pretty sure you’re going to be excited as well!

While we don’t have any major things to show you this week, we have some minor changes we can tell you about.

It’s now possible to place things on other things! You can have a chair or a grill on a table, or a chest on top and under a table… Or why not a table on a table?


Also, the hook now has improved physics, so it will bounce on stuff! It doesn’t sound like much but it makes it feel a lot more incorporated into the world. And also, you can trick shot!


We showed you the seagull picking some beets in the last blog, so we thought we could show you how it handles a scarecrow as well!


While it might feel like the seagulls will only bring you pain and suffering, they will also supply you with both food and resources. Its meat can be cooked for some delicious drumsticks and its feathers will be used to craft various objects, including the hammock. That is if you manage to catch it of course.

So, that’s all for this time. We hope it was worth the read despite the limited content! As always, have a good weekend and until next time!


Blog #17

Hey everyone!

Hope you’re doing well!

These past two weeks we have been busy doing both game developing and office moving! Per usual some of the stuff we’ve worked on is still in the production phase which means it’s not really ready for the blog. But some stuff is ready for unveiling!

Out on the ocean there’s not much wildlife except for some fish and and possibly a shark if you’re unlucky. But once in a while some birds fly by. One bird in particular that many know as quite the annoyance is the, for many, infamous seagull!


For a survivor, stuck on the vast ocean completely alone, the sight of another living thing might be the most wonder full thing in the world! Maybe it will stay? It could keep you company for a while! Maybe you will become lifelong friends! Or… It will simply try to steal your food…Seagull.gif

You need to start thinking about pest control. You can’t have this thing taking your preciously grown crops, and running around chasing away seagulls isn’t a viable option in the long term! Luckily, some plastic, thatch and wood make for a beautiful scarecrow to keep the seagulls occupied.


These things leave you one less thing to worry about!

Now, since we couldn’t show you a whole lot in this blog, we thought some of you might be interested in the situation of our studio! As some of you who have read our homepage know, we studied on Gotland, an island outside of the Swedish east coast. We recently finished our studies and moved to Skövde, located between the two biggest lakes, Vättern and Vänern. Skövde is great for game development since it has a growing tight-knit community of game development studios! Here we will continue the development of Raft in our first, and long awaited, office!


It’s not big, but we’re super happy about it!

Well, that’s all for this blog! See you in the next one and don’t forget to tell us what you think! 🙂

Blog #16

Heeeeeellooo Rafting people!

We hope you’re all doing well! First of all we would like to say it’s awesome how much amazing feedback we got regarding the characters we showed in the previous blog! We’re very glad you like them and we hope you’re as excited as we are to play them! Your feedback helps us create a better game and supplies a ton of motivation, so keep it coming! This week we have some stuff to show that many of you have been requesting for a long time! So lets get straight to it!

Since pretty much the first prototype we launched back in December we have gotten a bunch of requests for being able to build a bed. And it’s a valid request. Sleeping and recharging your batteries is crucial to survive! And it’s all about surviving, right? Below you can see the more basic bed. It’s not super comfortable, but it serves it’s purpose.


When you’re getting a more sizable raft and you have some more supplies, you might want to upgrade to something that better suits a home. It’s a bit more expensive and takes up a bit more space, but it’s soft, oh so soft! The hammock!


Both of these beds functions quite similarly,  with only some minor differences. The beds are used as a respawn point.  If you were to die you will be able to come back to life in your bed through the magic of game logic! This is not their only purpose however. By sleeping in a bed your health will regenerate. But remember, as your sleeping, time will pass and you will get more hungry and thirsty, so make sure to keep some food and drinks nearby for breakfast. Since the hammock is a much more comfortable option than the basic bed, it will regenerate more health when sleeping in it and drain less thirst and hunger. Upon death, the hammock also revives you with more health, food and water in your system. For those of you who prefer the more hardcore feel of perma-death, do not worry! The ability to respawn will be optional when starting a new game! When disabled, the beds are only used to sleep and regenerate health.

We’ve previously shown you some new stuff to build, like the stairs, fences and new walls, and we’ve got more in that category. Another very requested feature is doors, and we’re happy to finally provide! Doors currently come in two versions, thatch and wood, to compliment your walls!



Oh, and we also updated the shark! It’s gotten a new model, new textures and new animations!  Have a look!


That was all for this time! Tell us if you like what you see or if you think something is missing! Have a good weekend and we’ll talk in two weeks! Raft HQ out!

Blog #15

Hello everyone!

We hope you’re all having a good day! We realized it’s already been two whole weeks since we last talked to you guys! Time flies when your doing some good old game developing!

Per usual, we have been doing the best we can and worked hard to develop the best rafting experience possible for you all to enjoy! A lot has been done these past two weeks but the features that have been worked on are still in development, which means  there isn’t a whole lot for us to show you here in the blog this week. However, we don’t want to leave you all completely empty handed!

We have heard a lot of you wanted something to protect your precious raft from the dangers that lurk in the waters (more specifically a certain shark…). We totally understand how annoying it is to run around poking the shark in the face all the time! You might want to make the Raft a bit more sturdy, more resistant to shark teeth. Well, fear not, for it is here! The reinforced foundation!


This thing will be able to handle a lot more force than your regular foundations. However, depending on the size of your raft, it might take a while to cover your whole raft with this since it’s mainly made by scrap, which is quite a precious resource on the ocean!


If you remember, we posted a concept of our character a while back! We thought we’d show you how she turned out in the game! After a long wait, let us present… our fearless survivor!


We are also working on a second character. He is not quite ready for the game yet, but he is coming along nicely. The design is not completely finished, and may change, but we thought we’d give you a sneak peek anyway!


As always, please tell us what you think about everything! Have a good weekend and we’ll talk to you soon!

Blog #14

Hello adventurous wood floaters!… or just rafters.

This post is actually going to be a bit earlier than usual. We tend to post our blog posts on Fridays, but this Friday is special here in Sweden! It’s MIDSUMMER EVE! Midsummer eve celebrates the longest day of the year in Sweden, which was yesterday. (It’s not actually longer, it’s just sunny the longest.) According to tradition we dance around a pole covered in leaves and flowers and pretend to be frogs. So that’s what we’ll be doing tomorrow, which is why the blog is a bit early!

So! Let’s take a look at what is going on with the Raft building! In the last blog we mentioned that we’re remaking most of the building parts! With this comes not just new graphics, but some updates in functionality as well. Lets get to it!

Previously in Raft, when you wanted to build a second floor, you would have to build a pillar in order to support it. That was cool and all, but when you wanted to add some walls you would easily end up with a situation like below, where things start to get a bit cramped, and your precious raft space is not very well optimized.


We decided that we felt that walls should be able to support a second floor as well. So, with the updated walls, the pillar in the above picture wouldn’t be necessary! This opens up a bunch of space, making your Raft feel a lot more spacious! Just have a look!


You might be thinking; ”Well, what if I don’t want a wall? What if I just want a pillar?”.  Well don’t worry! The pillar is still there! Actually, it’s even better now (At least we think so!). Previously, you would place a pillar in the center of a foundation. We felt it was quite annoying when it was placed in the center, because you couldn’t really place anything else on that foundation when there was a pillar on it. So we moved it out on the corner of the foundation. This way you can build much more optimized rafts! Lets look at a practical example. Say you would like to build a 3×2 area with a second floor. With the old pillars that might look something like this.


Would you look at that! Not only does it feel a bit unsymmetrical, but two out of six foundations are basically already used! Any architect would laugh at this awful use of space. Lets try the new pillars!


Would you just look at all that sweet, sweet space?! Yes, in this case you do need two more pillars but none of the foundations are covered with pesky pillars! (”The pesky pillars” could be a cool band name!)

Speaking of space, do you remember the old ramp that you used to get to the second floor?


That thing was big! It was a whole three foundations long! A bit uninspired on the visual side as well! Time for an upgrade don’t you think? Lets welcome the brand new, straight out of the latest Raft Magazine, stairway!


This thing only takes up TWO foundations and also adds a lot of style to your raft! Out with the old, in with the new eh?

Something else that’s new are the graphics for the thatch walls! As you might remember from last blog we introduced two new wooden walls. Well, now there’s a total of four walls to choose from when designing your raft! Have a look!


Lastly, we realize safety is important when you’re out on the ocean! That’s why we decided to add some fences to your building repertoire! Right now there are two to choose from!


Whoosh! That was a lot of building talk for one day! We’re going to go prepare for some midsummer activities, but before we say goodbye, lets just take a look at how all of these parts could look together!


Tell us what you think about all the new building features! And, what would you like to be able to build on your raft? Please let us know, and we’ll see you in the next blog post!


Blog #13

Hello everyone!

Yet again, two weeks have past since we last gave you all an update on what’s going on in the Raft HQ. The weather here in Sweden has been less than great for outdoor activities. Big dark clouds and endless amounts of rain. Terrible, some would say… But not us! The way we see it there’s less sun glaring in the monitors and the room temperature is kept cool. Perfect for developing computer games!

Anyhow, when we first made the prototype available on Itch, the UI was kind of thrown together in a haste, so we felt we needed to give it some more love and care and turn it into something more tasty. The layout is mainly the same so you should have no problem navigating it if you’re used to the old one. We have made some small layout changes in an attempt to make certain things clearer, such as item names and what it takes to craft them. Lets take a look! Here’s a comparison between the old and the new UI!


Old UI


New UI (Keep in mind that the names in this picture are placeholders)

As you can see the main color scheme has changed a bit. The item icons are now on a light background in order to pop more. The health, hunger and thirst bars have been redesigned and moved over to the left part of the screen to not interfere with your hand. The list of items you can craft now also show the name of each item. This allows you to more quickly identify what each item is, as opposed to the old UI where you had to click each item to see its name. The ingredients required to craft a certain item are also shown with names, instead of just the picture. Tell us what you think about the changes!


We are also remaking and adding more parts for you to construct your raft with and preparing the building system to support this. This will give your raft more variation and give it a more personalized feel! As this is quite a big feature we’re not done with all the new parts yet, but here’s a peak at the new wooden wall with and without a window!


We wish you a good weekend and hope you enjoyed the blog! See you next time!

Blog #12

Hey Rafters!

The past two weeks we’ve been very busy so we haven’t had as much time to work on Raft as usual. That’s also why this blog post is a tiny bit late. Although that doesn’t mean nothing has happened!

New Logo!
We decided to do some polishing on the game logo! We’re quite happy with it! What do you all think?


New Items to craft!
When you’re first starting off on your raft you quickly realize you can’t eat raw fish or potatoes forever! You need something to cook your food on! That’s where the first basic campfire comes in handy! It’s quite small and doesn’t hold more than one piece of food, but you’ll finally be able to taste the sweetness that is cooked mackerel!


When you’re getting more comfortable you might not want to cook one fish at a time. You need something sturdier, bigger… We’re happy to introduce THE GRILL! This allows you to cook several pieces of food at once!


There’s also a new way to get fresh water! This piece of engineering allows you to put plenty of saltwater in it, which will via the magic of condensation turn into fresh water! It’s not super fast, but it gives you more than one cup of fresh water, which is nice! (It will have glass on top of it as well, which is not shown in the picture)


Finally, we fiddled around with getting the fog to work properly with the day and night cycle, and this is the result!DayNight.gif

We hope you’re as excited about the new stuff as we are! That was it for this blog post, but we’ll be back soon! Until next time!

Blog #11

Hi everyone!

It is once again time to tell you what we’re up to! Two weeks have past and we’ve gotten a lot of  stuff done! Our main objective these two weeks have been to reach a point where we can once again test the game to see how it runs. So our programmer has been hard at work to make sure the new systems like buoyancy, underwater swimming and reefs all function correctly together with the rest of the game. The artists have been crafting all the assets that come with the new features, such as models, textures, icons and more. When these all came into place we were able to have a little play test in order to assess how the new features feel and find what needs to be improved. Lets show some of the new things that have been added since the last blog!

As you know by now, you’ll want to dive down into the reefs in order to gather supplies. But you don’t want your raft to float away while you’re down there! So you’ll need to build an anchor. The first and most basic anchor you’ll be able to build is quite primitive. A bucket with some rocks and wood. The downside to this anchor is it’s one time use only, so you’ll want to make sure you throw it at a good place. You’ll see it in action down below!


Once you’ve accumulated more wealth so to speak, you can build a sturdier anchor which will let you anchor as many times as you want. It also adds to the awesomeness of your raft.

When you’re down scavenging the reefs, the shark is as you know a big problem. However, by tying together some fish and throwing it in the water you can now make sure the shark is occupied for a moment while you dive down to get that sweet, sweet loot. You’ll see how it works below! (Don’t mind the funky animations)


The reefs are deep and some materials are only found on deeper waters, but getting there can be tricky. In order to reach these depths, you’ll need something to help you swim faster and hold your breath longer. Luckily, you’re quite crafty. Some vines, plastic and thatch can with some tinkering be turned into flippers and an air bottle.


Some of the resources you find on the reefs aren’t very useful as they are. Sand and metal need to be melted in order use them for crafting. For this you’ll need a smelter. A smelter needs to be able to handle very high temperatures, so metal won’t cut it. By making bricks out of clay that you’ll find on the reefs you can build a proper furnace.


Apart from this we’ve started to work on updating the building system and adding more items to help you on your surviving adventure! Please let us hear what you think of the new features! Until next time!


Blog #10

Hi Rafters!

We’re back to tell you what’s being done in the Raft headquarters! The last two weeks since you’ve heard from us we started with a couple of days of design talk. We decided to take a chunk of time to further define some of our features. It would be too much to tell you about all of this in one blog post so we’ll just talk about the stuff that is currently being implemented!

The reefs

In the last blog post we introduced the reefs! As this is quite a big feature that involves a lot of stuff, it’s something that is still being worked on. Our programmer made a cool script to help the artists quickly decorate the reefs with various assets! In order to test the reefs we’ve built one which you can see below.


As mentioned in an earlier blog, the reefs will be a place to find materials to craft with. Scrap, which has previously been floating on the water, will now be found here instead. You will also be able to harvest vines, pick up rocks, dig sand and dirt. When you get further down you’ll also be able to find Iron, which will be used to craft more advanced stuff.

The shark’s AI has now been updated to work underwater as well, so when you’re down scavenging the reefs you’ll have to keep an eye out or it’ll get you. You can however, fend of the shark in case it sees you and is hungry for flesh. This is done by a well-timed attack with your weapon of choice. While down underwater, you’ll also have to worry about your oxygen, since breathing underwater is quite difficult. Items to increase the time you can spend underwater will be introduced later on.

Hunger, thirst & happiness.

In the prototype, the hunger and thirst system was pretty basic. Since the main issue when surviving on the sea is in fact hunger and thirst, we want to make a system that puts more emphasis into these elements. In the prototype, you could survive just fine on raw fish or potato. With the new system raw food will be able to keep you alive, but it won’t be able to leave you with a full stomach. In order to achieve this, you’ll have to eat cooked food, or even combinations of different sources of food.

In order to feel well and have enough energy to fend of sharks and other dangers, you have to both eat and drink well. This is why we’ve implemented the Well Being System (working title). If you get too hungry and thirsty, you’ll start feeling and performing worse. The same goes if you’ve got a full stomach but you haven’t been drinking well, and vice versa. So remember folks, take care of yourselves on the ocean!

New hooks!

As the hook is the main way of gathering resources, we felt it needed an update in graphics and functionality. There are now two tiers of hooks, the plastic hook and the scrap hook.

Lets start with the plastic hook. This will be the hook you start with on your raft adventure. It works just as the hook has always worked, so if you’ve played Raft before, you’ll feel right at home. Maybe you’re thinking; ”Hey, plastic isn’t a resource in Raft?”. Well, now it is! Plastic is a new resource that will come floating on the water and is used for much of your starting equipment. Below you can see the plastic hook in all it’s glory!


So, now for the Scrap hook. It is a lot sturdier since it’s made of metal. It’s heavier and therefore more resistant to air pressure, which makes it fly longer! It’s crowbar-like features also makes it useful when bending iron from reef rocks. Down below you’ll see the mighty scrap hook!


This was all for this blog! Hope you enjoyed it, and have a good weekend!

Oh right, almost forgot, the new character is in the works, so keep your eyes open!

See you soon!