Blog #16

Heeeeeellooo Rafting people!

We hope you’re all doing well! First of all we would like to say it’s awesome how much amazing feedback we got regarding the characters we showed in the previous blog! We’re very glad you like them and we hope you’re as excited as we are to play them! Your feedback helps us create a better game and supplies a ton of motivation, so keep it coming! This week we have some stuff to show that many of you have been requesting for a long time! So lets get straight to it!

Since pretty much the first prototype we launched back in December we have gotten a bunch of requests for being able to build a bed. And it’s a valid request. Sleeping and recharging your batteries is crucial to survive! And it’s all about surviving, right? Below you can see the more basic bed. It’s not super comfortable, but it serves it’s purpose.


When you’re getting a more sizable raft and you have some more supplies, you might want to upgrade to something that better suits a home. It’s a bit more expensive and takes up a bit more space, but it’s soft, oh so soft! The hammock!


Both of these beds functions quite similarly,  with only some minor differences. The beds are used as a respawn point.  If you were to die you will be able to come back to life in your bed through the magic of game logic! This is not their only purpose however. By sleeping in a bed your health will regenerate. But remember, as your sleeping, time will pass and you will get more hungry and thirsty, so make sure to keep some food and drinks nearby for breakfast. Since the hammock is a much more comfortable option than the basic bed, it will regenerate more health when sleeping in it and drain less thirst and hunger. Upon death, the hammock also revives you with more health, food and water in your system. For those of you who prefer the more hardcore feel of perma-death, do not worry! The ability to respawn will be optional when starting a new game! When disabled, the beds are only used to sleep and regenerate health.

We’ve previously shown you some new stuff to build, like the stairs, fences and new walls, and we’ve got more in that category. Another very requested feature is doors, and we’re happy to finally provide! Doors currently come in two versions, thatch and wood, to compliment your walls!



Oh, and we also updated the shark! It’s gotten a new model, new textures and new animations!  Have a look!


That was all for this time! Tell us if you like what you see or if you think something is missing! Have a good weekend and we’ll talk in two weeks! Raft HQ out!


5 kommentarer

  1. Flam · juli 26, 2017

    This all looks awesome, compared to the prototype version. But I would like to say, kinda miss the old wooden characters it was some kind of charm that was added to the game, I also believe that character customization would be a awesome addition to the game, Nothing too outrageous, but a decent character customization, would be cool.

    Also, I would like to say if you ever added land make sure it’s only incredibly small islands to not detract from the main aspect of the game.

    Doing a great job, keep it up!


  2. Kitteh · juli 27, 2017

    Will you ever release some new builds other than 1.0.5


  3. Anonym · juli 28, 2017

    nao vai ter mais atualizaçoes no jogo nao??? Serio que desistiram….. Depois de criar tantas expectativas….Me deem respostas


  4. Syndaryl · juli 31, 2017

    Demora um a dois anos para levar um jogo de demonstração para a qualidade do lançamento final. Não seja cruel com os desenvolvedores! Dê-lhes algum tempo ou o jogo final não será confiável.
    It takes one to two years to take a demo game to final-release quality. Do not be cruel to the developers! Give them some time or the final game will be unreliable.

    What I see here is very exciting, I’m impatient just like everyone else 🙂 The new building options are good and I like the additional gameplay layers. Playing the demo again, the gameplay difficulty is somewhat flat. Fishing is very fast and easy for a high quality food, the shark is quite easy to taunt and kill, and very predictable.
    Some suggestions:
    Have the shark have more random attacking intervals. It’s easy to predict right now. This is a good place to introduce simple difficulty modes – harder difficulty makes the shark more aggressive and take shorter intervals, but also more random?
    After a while, have two or even three sharks show up – attracted by the smell of cooking fish? Sharks do come in large numbers, and their smelling is very acute. Again, something you can play with in difficulty – Easy might not ever have a second shark, or a long time between extra sharks being added.
    More sharks will encourage reinforcing the foundations of your raft too, and make taking the risk of chasing one shark around to kill it worth considering. Is it better to spend your own health killing a shark (and sleeping on your new bed to recover it!) or is it better to spend resources like wood to repair damage, and rare scrap metal to reinforce it? Different gameplay paths are great.
    More sharks also means you can offer a longer (randomized) time after you kill a shark before a replacement arrives – right now having the shark immediately reappear is a little disappointing, and also makes the shark a simple way to turn potatoes into shark meat by way of your hitpoints 😀
    Encourage players to build structures by having standing out in the sun make you loose water quicker – it’s optional, you could instead build a lot of water reclamation devices, but it rewards building if you make some shade. The sun is one of the worst dangers when stranded outside.
    Other weather would also be good reasons to build shelter: Have fire-based devices take longer to cook in the rain? The grill looks protected so that would be a good reason to upgrade to the grill. That said, just having rain and a little wind, and having your shelter block it, would be reason enough even without game mechanic effects.

    I get motion sick, particularly I get sea sick but even having the camera bob when walking is bad for me. This is a very common problem that not everyone knows they suffer from. It would be VERY good to have an option to dampen the raft bobbing effect – a slider to turn it down?


  5. Syndaryl · juli 31, 2017

    Another idea with fishing and the sharks:
    Make fishing take longer – and attract the shark (or more sharks!). Sharks are curious and the hungry shark likes to eat fish; it could steal the fish off your hook, or just scare the fish away and make it take longer to catch more fish.

    Make a noisemaker that has a chance to distract the shark for a short while – not nearly as long as the fish bait, but just enough to get some fishing done in peace, or only enough time to buy you some time to escape when swimming up for air. Again, you can have the choice of confronting the shark, or spending materials to avoid the problem.



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