Blog #14

Hello adventurous wood floaters!… or just rafters.

This post is actually going to be a bit earlier than usual. We tend to post our blog posts on Fridays, but this Friday is special here in Sweden! It’s MIDSUMMER EVE! Midsummer eve celebrates the longest day of the year in Sweden, which was yesterday. (It’s not actually longer, it’s just sunny the longest.) According to tradition we dance around a pole covered in leaves and flowers and pretend to be frogs. So that’s what we’ll be doing tomorrow, which is why the blog is a bit early!

So! Let’s take a look at what is going on with the Raft building! In the last blog we mentioned that we’re remaking most of the building parts! With this comes not just new graphics, but some updates in functionality as well. Lets get to it!

Previously in Raft, when you wanted to build a second floor, you would have to build a pillar in order to support it. That was cool and all, but when you wanted to add some walls you would easily end up with a situation like below, where things start to get a bit cramped, and your precious raft space is not very well optimized.


We decided that we felt that walls should be able to support a second floor as well. So, with the updated walls, the pillar in the above picture wouldn’t be necessary! This opens up a bunch of space, making your Raft feel a lot more spacious! Just have a look!


You might be thinking; ”Well, what if I don’t want a wall? What if I just want a pillar?”.  Well don’t worry! The pillar is still there! Actually, it’s even better now (At least we think so!). Previously, you would place a pillar in the center of a foundation. We felt it was quite annoying when it was placed in the center, because you couldn’t really place anything else on that foundation when there was a pillar on it. So we moved it out on the corner of the foundation. This way you can build much more optimized rafts! Lets look at a practical example. Say you would like to build a 3×2 area with a second floor. With the old pillars that might look something like this.


Would you look at that! Not only does it feel a bit unsymmetrical, but two out of six foundations are basically already used! Any architect would laugh at this awful use of space. Lets try the new pillars!


Would you just look at all that sweet, sweet space?! Yes, in this case you do need two more pillars but none of the foundations are covered with pesky pillars! (”The pesky pillars” could be a cool band name!)

Speaking of space, do you remember the old ramp that you used to get to the second floor?


That thing was big! It was a whole three foundations long! A bit uninspired on the visual side as well! Time for an upgrade don’t you think? Lets welcome the brand new, straight out of the latest Raft Magazine, stairway!


This thing only takes up TWO foundations and also adds a lot of style to your raft! Out with the old, in with the new eh?

Something else that’s new are the graphics for the thatch walls! As you might remember from last blog we introduced two new wooden walls. Well, now there’s a total of four walls to choose from when designing your raft! Have a look!


Lastly, we realize safety is important when you’re out on the ocean! That’s why we decided to add some fences to your building repertoire! Right now there are two to choose from!


Whoosh! That was a lot of building talk for one day! We’re going to go prepare for some midsummer activities, but before we say goodbye, lets just take a look at how all of these parts could look together!


Tell us what you think about all the new building features! And, what would you like to be able to build on your raft? Please let us know, and we’ll see you in the next blog post!



17 kommentarer

  1. Iralix (@TheMudkeeper) · juni 22, 2017

    You can permit to build a ladder or spikes to protect our raft


  2. This looks amazing! I cannot wait to play! 😀


  3. Yannik · juni 22, 2017

    Wow thats very cool


  4. MrMikser · juni 22, 2017

    When the game is over ?


  5. Yannik · juni 23, 2017

    When will the next update come?


  6. xkennyc · juni 24, 2017

    Look, i just want to play raft. Please don’t take this game and try to make ”stranded deep”. The simplicity and creativity factor is what most enjoyed about the game.


  7. EPIIC_THUNDERCAT · juni 25, 2017

    I love you all! Thank you for these Blogs, totally enjoy reading and seeing the new features! Cant wait to see whats next.


  8. bmalex88 · juni 25, 2017

    A hammock where you can sleep, make time pass a few hours or replace some stats when doing it


  9. visit here · juni 26, 2017

    Its like you learn my mind! You appear to know
    a lot approximately this, such as you wrote the ebook
    in it or something. I feel that you could do with a few % to power the message home
    a little bit, however other than that, that is great blog.
    An excellent read. I will definitely be back.


  10. Tomáš Gubicza · juni 27, 2017

    Why is this site in a different language than English? Well whatever. I’ve played raft when the latest version was on and now I look at this wow… it is amazing. I didn’t know you worked so fast! I know some bigger game developers who make one update per month or two that adds one max two things but this is very good. When will you release the game? (at least an upgraded tech demo?) (if you put it on steam I wil gladly pay if it won’t be too expensive of course)


  11. adahptation · juni 28, 2017

    will it be free please let it be free at the start or for people who played it on itch,io


  12. catpocket · juni 28, 2017

    I don’t have any suggestions but everything looks great and I appreciate all of your hard work 🙂


  13. erkaloth · juli 4, 2017

    Where do I download the game? I searched but I can’t find any download link. About the subscribe button, I can’t press it…


  14. lepelchannelpel · juli 5, 2017

    Sounds awesome! Can’t wait for the new update 🙂 Any news on possible new game mechanics?


  15. Mester1001 · juli 5, 2017

    you can try to make doors


  16. tom · juli 9, 2017

    i have enjoyed the game from the start. I cant tell you how many rafts I lost going to the bathroom until we got the save feature and I remembered to use it. I love all the new ideas. please leave the canvas wall items and maybe let us use it to build awnings. using the canvas, wood, and metal would be nice to build a small sailboat with oars to sail
    away to find bigger fish than mackeral. i.e. tuna, shrimp with nets made from thatch. ? I see you are planning small islands. good for pineapple, mango, and papaya? I can see your directions and will be happy to invest payment for a decent game as I see this becoming. Keep up the good work.



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