Blog #12

Hey Rafters!

The past two weeks we’ve been very busy so we haven’t had as much time to work on Raft as usual. That’s also why this blog post is a tiny bit late. Although that doesn’t mean nothing has happened!

New Logo!
We decided to do some polishing on the game logo! We’re quite happy with it! What do you all think?


New Items to craft!
When you’re first starting off on your raft you quickly realize you can’t eat raw fish or potatoes forever! You need something to cook your food on! That’s where the first basic campfire comes in handy! It’s quite small and doesn’t hold more than one piece of food, but you’ll finally be able to taste the sweetness that is cooked mackerel!


When you’re getting more comfortable you might not want to cook one fish at a time. You need something sturdier, bigger… We’re happy to introduce THE GRILL! This allows you to cook several pieces of food at once!


There’s also a new way to get fresh water! This piece of engineering allows you to put plenty of saltwater in it, which will via the magic of condensation turn into fresh water! It’s not super fast, but it gives you more than one cup of fresh water, which is nice! (It will have glass on top of it as well, which is not shown in the picture)


Finally, we fiddled around with getting the fog to work properly with the day and night cycle, and this is the result!DayNight.gif

We hope you’re as excited about the new stuff as we are! That was it for this blog post, but we’ll be back soon! Until next time!


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  1. Le Dang · augusti 5

    dum hvf



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