A character?

Hi everyone!

We’re very sorry for being so quiet! During the last couple of months we have been swamped with the last parts of University. We are working on Raft but there are still a lot of stuff we cannot reveal yet. Hopefully we will be able to tell you all about it soon enough!

However, we did feel that the character you all have been playing needed a face! So we have made a first concept that we would like to share with you! Please give us feedback on what you think about her, and have a nice day!



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  1. Feedback · mars 31, 2017

    A character is immersion breaking for me.
    I prefer the nameless ego perspective.
    That makes the survival experience much more personal.


  2. Imaginary Parsnip · april 1, 2017

    Interesting concept and quite attractive, but… do add some storyline to it because where did she get that hammer from, tell us the epic tales and adventures of that hammer, how many raft dwellers has it loved and lost till it found its way to her?


  3. EverythingTV · april 1, 2017

    It is really nice but I think his clothes should be more ripped.BTW I and all of my friends are waiting for 1.06!


  4. Porcupine Cheeseburger · april 4, 2017

    Excellent! She looks nifty. Glad to see you’re still working.


  5. Bear Artorius · juli 25

    I like the idea of a character. I would also like the idea of choosing from maybe 4 – 6 characters some female some male each with a unique back story and some special ability. Maybe one is good with wood, reducing damage from sharks and other calamitous things by 5%. Or one is good with the hook giving a 10% longer throw. Or a diver who can stay under for a little longer.
    From a physiological standpoint I think she needs a longer torso. Hear me out, as the world I have envisaged is unique, but I think I am not alone in this idea; the world is covered in water (like the Waterworld movie) The sudden rising of waters caused the world to be destroyed. A massive meteor storm brought mountains of ice into the seas, directly raising water levels. As it melted it added more. The force of the largest impact cracked the earth’s crust releasing the water trapped beneath (there probably isn’t that much down there but…sci-fi) the waters rose and the added humidity raised planetary temperatures as well as evened them out for the most part. However there are still arctic regions, they are just smaller. The world below is constantly floating to the surface which explains the debris being found regularly. Metal will probably be found in reefs and along the seabed. Wood and such often found floating. Basalt and flint would make great tools and weapons for work and hunt.
    The new Ocean Planet means that most people live on rafts and the life is fairly universal. Except for the raiding bandits. As a player, your goal is to reach each one of the floating cities, learn how the world got this way and for each character the second part of the goal would be different. Find missing family, seek revenge on somebody, find answers to some mystery, etc. Give reason to play each character even if 99% of the game is the same as the others. Your floating village is raided and destroyed leaving the player on a single floating piece of raft. The player must survive and eventually thrive. First just floating with the whims of the wind, surviving storms and sea creatures. Hammer, hook and spear as trusted companions. Eventually a simple sail to guide the survivor to new places. Some are dangerous, deep water with huge creatures. Some is safe, shallow and clear. But staying in the safe reefs won’t always protect you. Eels and predator fish still attack if the survivor is not careful. Though those same creatures might make a proper meal if hunted skillfully. Storms are easier to weather in the deep water where the waves form large swells. But the reefs cause the waves to break and drop, leaving a raft to be pounded or slammed into the reefs. But when the deep water is too calm…look for sea monsters and sharks.

    Sorry for going so long. I understand that some of this would be extremely difficult to do. I look forward to whatever story you come up with. I just hope that I gave you or sparked some helpful ideas.

    I also understand that the way the game is now needs only a small world. But having the raft actually drift or even sail would require a vast open world. Adding NPCs (bandits, cannibals, or something(s) like that) is an entirely new and difficult thing as well. However, I know for myself, I would happily wait quite a bit longer for the game if it means a more immersive experience. As I said before, I will be happy with whatever you do, but I can’t help myself from sharing ideas.

    To get back to characters; if the world was in fact covered in water as mentioned above, people would tend towards longer torsos and arms and shorter legs. Not too much but a little bit.
    ( http://www.npr.org/2012/08/09/158455089/olympics-physics )
    However, the characters should vary is hight, weight and physical features. (I do very much like the idea of 4-6 characters that are each unique and give the player slightly differing play styles. And maybe significantly differing play styles. This would be especially useful in multiplayer games.

    Best wishes to you all and eagerly looking forward to seeing the new version of the game!


  6. marcel · juli 30




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