Happy New Years!


Hi everyone!

We thought it was time to tell you all how things are going! But first, we want to thank you for the amazing support you all continue to show! We are super grateful and wish we could add all the cool ideas you people are coming up with. Unfortunately, we don’t have the time for that.

As you might or might not know, we’re three students from Sweden working on the game. We’re in our third and final year of studying, and the prototype you have been playing was developed for a course during the past half year. Now we will be starting new courses, which means we will have less time to work on the game. We will continue and do our best to find time and create new stuff for you all to try out, and we hope you understand our situation. We will graduate this summer, and would love to be able to work full time on the game after that, but we don’t know at this point how our situation will look at that time.

So, that’s a little bit about our situation. Right now we’re working on fixing some bugs. Apart from that we are looking at what the best thing to add to the game would be. We’re trying to consider all of your opinions in order to give you the most value for each update. We can’t say for sure yet what you will be able to see in the next update or when it will be out, but keep your eyes open, and we’ll tell you as soon as we can!

Again, thanks to everyone who has played the game! Please keep showing us your screenshots and videos and give us feedback! It keeps us motivated!

Until next time!




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