Blog #6

Hi! We’ve forgotten exactly which week we’re in but we know this is our 6th blog post! This post is also a little late, apologies! However, quite a lot has been done by our small but effective team! As we mentioned in a previous post, we have been working on implementing a shark that attacks your raft! This is now a working feature! The shark attacks and you can use your spear to scare it away.Shark.png

You can now also build walls on your raft. At this point they do not provide any gameplay changes, but they make your raft look a bit better!Walls.png

We want the player to be able to build a big raft, so they need to be able to gather items a little bit faster. For this, we have implemented a net that automatically gathers items, and you can also build a bigger crop plot where you can grow palm trees which provide wood. Keep in mind, the ones in the picture still have placeholder meshes and textures.Palmtree.png

Apart from all this, we’ve done some graphic fixes like switch the skybox and adjusted the ocean depth blending. See you next week! Make sure to follow us on our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!



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