Week 5


We are now ready to send out another prototype! It is now possible to build several levels with stairs pillars and flooring. You also need to plant your potatoes in order for them to grow. In addition to this, there are a lot of new textures in the game, some new UI elements and some small fixes.

To download the prototype click HERE!

We would be very happy if you would help us by giving us feedback in the form found HERE!

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We have also discussed ways to give the player more to do on the raft. We have decided to try adding a shark. The shark will occasionally attack your raft and destroy parts of it. If you’re quick enough you can attack the shark in order to make it stop for the moment. You can also reinforce your raft, but it is quite expensive, so you need to prioritize which parts you want to reinforce.  You’ll probably want to reinforce the parts that supports your upper levels or holds a campfire for example. This is a mechanic we hope will give the player more purpose and reason to expand and gather resources. The shark will not be attacking in this build as the feature is not yet finished.

Hope you enjoy the prototype!Building Week 5.pngCroplot.PNGSpear.PNG




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