First testable prototype!

Hi! It’s now Monday and we have our first prototype for you all to try out. It is an extremely early prototype which only function is to give you an idea of what the game could be.

About the game

Raft (working title) is a survival game where the player is stuck on a raft in the middle of the ocean. To survive, the player must gather debris from the ocean, which they can use to craft items such as fishing equipment, shelter, growing pots and much more. The raft can be expanded both horizontally and vertically to create a more comfortable home out on the sea.

The features implemented in this prototype include gathering resources using your trustworthy hook, expanding your raft and harvesting plants (in the form of cubes).

To download the prototype, click HERE!

We would also be very thankful if you would tell us what you think about the game and it’s future potential. To go to our google form click HERE!

Lastly, If you want to keep updated with the production and receive future prototypes, subscribe to our newsletter HERE!

Here is an ingame picture aswell!



En kommentar

  1. liverpool · juni 29

    This is a really good read for me, thank you!



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