First week of production


We are a group of three people who have just started development on a survival game where the player is stranded on a raft in the middle of the ocean. The player has survived a shipwreck and needs to gather supplies that is floating around in the ocean. The long term goal for the player is to expand the raft and craft items that will help them survive. Exactly how this is done is still not decided and we want a community of testers to help us with developing this game!

This week we have been working on a MVP which includes implementation of a raft which the player can expand by adding tiles, and a hook system the player uses to catch drifting pieces of wood which are used to expand the raft.

This Monday we plan to send out a prototype that anyone can test and give feedback on. It will be VERY simple, but hopefully it will give an idea on what the game could be.

We will update this blog every week to tell you who what we are doing.

Until next week!



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